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Dr Frank Ledwidge

Senior Lecturer at Portsmouth University

Following eight years as a criminal barrister in his home city of Liverpool Frank worked for a decade in the Balkans and throughout the former Soviet Union in international human rights protection, criminal law reform, and institution building at the highest levels of government. He developed particular expertise in missing persons, human trafficking and torture prevention. He also served for a number of years as a reserve officer with extensive operational experience retiring as head of his service branch.

Later he served as the first ‘Justice Advisor’ to the UK Mission in Helmand Province in 2007-2008 and worked in a similar role at the UK Embassy in Libya during and after the war there (2011-12). He has also worked in Ukraine during the current war.

He is the author of several books, including the best-selling ‘Losing Small Wars’ (Yale 2011 2nd Edition 2017), which was selected as a ‘Book of the Year’ by the Times and Amazon UK. Like ‘Losing Small Wars’, his ‘Aerial Warfare’ (OUP 2018) was placed on the RAF ‘Chief of the Air Staff’s Reading list’ and was shortlisted for the ‘Military book of the Year’ by Military History Matters’ magazine.

Frank makes regular appearances on national and international broadcast and print media and has acted as a consultant for many TV productions including the award-winning ‘Panorama’ investigation into British war crimes in November 2019. He has been invited to give evidence by the House of Commons Defence Committee and other parliamentary bodies.

He is regularly invited to speak to military, academic and governmental authorities worldwide on military operations, especially air power.

Frank holds a law degree from Oxford University and a doctorate in War Studies from Kings College London.

Frank’s teaching and research focuses on:

  • Military capabilities, history and strategy
  • Military history, especially air power
  • Missing persons in war