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Dr Vigjilenca Abazi

Assistant Professor/Lecturer in EU Law

Vigjilenca Abazi’s main focus is on EU constitutional and institutional law, particularly on how practices of secrecy affect democratic scrutiny at the European Union. She conducts interdisciplinary research combining theoretical and empirical methods. Her research interest also includes secrecy in negotiations, intelligence cooperation, and security policies in the EU. On these topics, Vigjilenca Abazi has published, among others, in Common Market Law Review, German Law Journal, Utrecht Law Journal, European Public Law: EU eJournal as well as op-eds and commentaries at EurActv and the Centre for European Policy Studies.

Upon invitation, Vigjilenca Abazi has given numerous academic presentations and lectures including at Harvard Law School, Columbia University, University of Copenhagen, Sciences Po Paris, Durham University, Bocconi University, and Tilburg University. On issues of surveillance and democratic oversight she has also given presentations at the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies in Brussels, the academic-cultural Centre Spui 25 in Amsterdam, and the Fulbright Salon at the New School in New York.

Vigjilenca Abazi is a Social Media Editor of the Journal of European Integration and was an Associate Managing Editor for European Constitutional Law Review.