Parrhesia Inc

Advancing Whistleblowing

Episode 1: Inside the Airbus Scandal: Whistleblower Unmasks Corruption

Dive into the heart of truth-telling and corporate intrigue in the debut episode of ‘The Parrhesia Tapes’ – ‘Whistleblowing and Institutionalised Corruption.’

Uncover the riveting story of Ian Foxley, a whistleblower who fearlessly exposed Airbus’ clandestine dealings, resulting in a staggering €3.6 billion fine.

This gripping conversation delves into the treacherous landscape of institutional corruption, government complicity, and the challenges faced by those who dare to speak out.

Join us for an illuminating exploration of the intricate world of whistleblowing, unravelling the narrative behind Ian’s courageous stand against corporate malpractice.

This episode is a captivating exposé that challenges the norms and paves the way for a deeper understanding of ethics, accountability, and the modern struggles against systemic misconduct. Don’t miss this compelling discussion that brings to light the hidden truths and complexities of our contemporary society.