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Advancing Whistleblowing

Episode 4: Whistleblowing in the NHS

Welcome to the fourth episode of the Parrhesia Tapes, a series dedicated to amplifying the voices of whistleblowers and shedding light on the vital work needed across various sectors and institutions.

In this episode we hear from Sue Allison, who blew the whistle on a Senior Radiologist within her department who repeatedly failed to diagnose women who had breast cancer at NHS Morecambe Bay Trust. She explains her battle to overturn her NDA at employment tribunal and the ‘insidious bullying’ that followed after blowing the whistle on concerns about patient safety.

She is joined by Samantha Prosser an experienced employment law litigator from BDBF LLP who has specialist experience in advising private and NHS consultants from leading hospitals on private and NHS whistleblowing and discrimination claims.

Hosted by Martin Bright and Natasha Lovel