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Trauma in Whistleblowing Conference

Trauma in Whistleblowing Conference

Join us on the 27th February 2024 for Parrhesia’s ‘Trauma in Whistleblowing Conference’ in London. The event aims to address this pressing issue by bringing together experts, activists and individuals with personal experiences of whistleblowing to engage in a meaningful dialogue. Through their insights, we hope to shed light on the following topics:

  • Understanding the psychological and emotional impact of whistleblowing
  • Coping Mechanisms and Support Systems for Whistleblowers
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations Surrounding Whistleblower Protection
  • What the Whistleblower Wants and What the Whistleblower Needs

By addressing these vital topics, we aim to provide a comprehensive perspective on the challenges whistleblowers face, the actions that can be taken to mitigate the associated trauma and the mechanisms that need to be created to support the mental health of whistleblowers on their road to recovery.

Videos of the conference

For a full list of videos and individual videos follow this link to YouTube

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Download the agenda in pdf format – Parrhesia Agenda

Download the Conference Booklet – Conference Booklet



International corruption and whistleblowing

Leigh Day’s International corruption and whistleblowing team represents individuals working for UK companies, their subsidiaries or UK government entities in an international setting, who have been exposed to unethical or corrupt practices and have suffered harm as a result.

Our team has experience representing professionals across a range of sectors who have suffered serious adverse consequences to their careers because they have been embroiled in unethical or unlawful practices overseas. We fight fearlessly for our clients and recently set a ground-breaking legal precedent, which has afforded much needed protection to overseas workers who fall outside the scope of the existing UK whistleblowing legislation.

Our International corruption and whistleblowing team acts for individuals against some of the world’s largest corporations. We are dedicated to ensuring access to justice for individuals who might otherwise not have the financial means to pursue their cases in the English courts.