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Fear of reprisals prevent people calling out employers on climate, says charity

A recent article from the Guardian regarding whistleblowing charity Protect’s guide for environmental whistleblowers shines a light on the growing need for increased support and access to transparent reporting procedures for those whistleblowing about environmental malpractice. Despite the increased calls for action for companies to publicly state their environmental impacts, Protect’s report found an extremely low number of environmental reports were made to their whistleblower advice line.

Parrhesia’s Chair of the Board of Trustees Arpita Dutt provided a comment in which she stressed the urgency in which there needs to be collective action to support environmental whistleblowers. She provides further comment regarding the article here:

“Raising awareness of environmental wrongdoing is imperative to the common good, yet it has been made harder by recent criminalisation and curbs on public protest by the UK government. The UK Government explicitly referred to Extinction Rebellion, Just Stop Oil, and Insulate Britain protests as justification for the introduction of the recent Public Order Act 2023. As collective awareness raising and action has become more risky, whistleblowers are left with facing isolating workplace cultures that may crush them when they raise such concerns. The Protect guide for environmental whistleblowers comes at an important time as we stand on a climate precipice”
–       Arpita Dutt, Chair of Parrhesia Inc.

To read the article from the Guardian please follow this link:

To download Protect’s ‘Environmental Whistleblowing Toolkit, please follow this link: