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HaYa the incognito chat platform

HaYa is a platform for incognito communications. There are two products that make up the HaYa platform:

  1. HaYa Chat is a free chat app that requires no registration or profile and allows for individual or group chat by sharing Burner Codes. –
  2. HaYa Org is the only system that allows HaYa Chat app users to contact your organisation quickly and incognito without risk of exposure. –

HaYa Chat is a great tool for incognito communications. With HaYa Chat you cannot be contacted by anyone unless you share a burner code and once you disconnect from a chat you cannot be contacted again by any of the participants. HaYa Chat is also a great tool for temporary group chats where participants are not sharing any personal details therefore once the group chat is finished then none of the other participants have any of your personal details. HaYa Chat group chat is the only GDPR compliant group chat.

HaYa Org is a great tool to allow organisations to be contacted anonymously by simply scanning QR codes. With HaYa Org your organisation can have an anonymous reporting channel within minutes without any IT requirements.

HaYa Org is useful for:

  • Whistleblowing
  • Anonymous reporting
  • Feedback
  • Live support

See all the sample sectors where HaYa Org can be useful by going to

You can try HaYa Org for free.