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HBOS chiefs off the hook for bank’s collapse

Can I say that this is an absolute disgrace?

The FCA and PRA, successors to the FSA, have decided after a 6year inquiry to take no further action against (ex Knight) James Crosby and his successor Andy Hornsby over their mid-management of HBOS which led to the bank’s collapse in 2008 and the loss of £20 billion to the taxpayer.

In what Universe do those individuals who lead organisations so irresponsibly get off Scot-free?

I’d like you to remember the late Paul Moore, a friend and fellow whistleblower, who was Head of Risk Management in HBOS and who disclosed their foolhardy expansionism in the chase for profits that eventually led to the collapse of the bank.

This week’s decision is an insult to his memory and the bravery and honesty of a good man who tried to ‘do the right thing’ and was squashed and vilified for his efforts.

If you watched last week’s Panorama about the FCA you’ll know that little has changed and it remains an effete body unable to enforce anything in the City. Give it some teeth and a backbone or disband it now!