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Jacqueline Garrick

Jacqueline Garrick

A social worker by background, Jacqueline Garrick entered the policy and programme management realm upon her discharge from the US Army, where she specialised in posttraumatic stress disorder recovery and transition assistance services.

She has served in executive positions at the American Legion, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, US Department of Defense, and with the House Committee on Veterans Affairs. Her areas of expertise include policy and programme development for wounded and disabled veterans, mental health and suicide prevention, transition assistance, and military survivors. She is known for her work in organisational and professional development, coupled with innovative resilience and wellness approaches in the workplace. She is a recognised public servant with awards from several distinguished organisations. She is the founder of the FAR Group, which provides consultation to public and private organisations that need development, advocacy, and educational support. Ms Garrick founded Whistleblowers of America as a non-profit in 2017, which provides voluntary peer support to those suffering the impacts of Workplace Traumatic Stress. She developed the Whistleblower Retaliation Checklist© to identify negative psychosocial impacts on employees who are victimised by retaliation, harassment, and discrimination. In 2020, ConsenSys Health invited her to join their Advisory Board because of her expertise in mental health. Over the last few years, Professor Garrick, has taught for the University of Southern California, Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work to train masters level students in military and veteran policy, and programme management.

Ms Garrick is a published author, media source, and an international public speaker having also worked on projects in the former Soviet Union, for the US military in Germany and Afghanistan, and the World Health Organisation in Switzerland. She is a social work masters graduate from Temple University with additional training at Johns Hopkins and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She is a licensed social worker (LCSW-C) in MD, is credentialed through the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM-CP), and a Board-Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress (BCETS) and Whistleblower Protection Advocate (WPA).

Researchers have been the change agents for so much of what we know about psychosocial health and their work is the catalyst for bringing a trauma informed perspective and innovative practices to dealing with employees who have suffered retaliation, discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Parrahesia opens the door to bringing a new level of understanding to Whistleblowing and its impact.

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