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Masterclass: Ian Foxley – The whistleblower experience

The whistleblower experience

Based on his ‘lived experience’ as a whistleblower behind the Airbus Group/GPT case, Ian will describe how he discovered corruption within defence procurement contracts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As the newly appointed Programme Director for a £2 billion, 10-year contract to modernise the communications for the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANGCOM) Project, Ian will show how a series of ‘red flags’ led him to gather the evidence to report embedded systemic corruption in a government to government procurement contract to the appropriate authorities.

He will then describe the effect on his professional and personal life, and his 13-year fight to persuade the Serious Fraud Office and the UK Attorney General to bring prosecutions that resulted in a Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA) and convictions for corruption with fines and confiscations totalling over €3.6 billion. He will conclude by describing his research into the root causes of why people do NOT speak up (the subject of his PhD research) and relate it to his vision of the future for whistleblower protection in the UK.

This event is open and doesn’t require booking.