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Pamela Forward

Executive Director and President, Whistleblowing Canada Research Society

Pamela is a workplace mediator and researcher.  She moved to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia from Ottawa, ON in 2017.  A graduate of Carleton University (BA Political Science, Graduate Studies in Conflict Resolution, MA Legal Studies) and a registered nurse, Pamela has had a varied career in business, health care and government (federal public service and advisor to federal cabinet Ministers).  Over the years, much of her work has been with people in conflict and crisis situations. As well, she has coached new mediators in Carleton University’s, Department of Law- Conflict Resolution Program, and law students in the University of Ottawa, Department of Law.

Pamela’s experience includes both management and advisory positions at the national and international levels.  She has been active in professional organizations, community organizations, and political organizations throughout her career.  Her interest in whistleblowing activism began in the 1990’s when she joined with others to support whistleblowers in the Federal Public Service.  She recently completed an in-depth, qualitative case study on whistleblowing regarding drug safety issues at Health Canada which highlighted many system flaws resulting in reprisals against truth-tellers and impunity for wrong-doers.  This blend of knowledge and experience has stimulated an abiding interest in supporting conflict-friendly, ethical and accountable organizations and inspired the founding of Whistleblowing Canada Research Society.  A native Newfoundlander, Pamela has travelled extensively, particularly in the Middle and Far East and has lived in Spain.

“Whistleblowing Canada is delighted to join in alliance with Parrhesia, as we work collaboratively to achieve our shared goals and vision of building a community of practice nationally and internationally to improve: i) the practice of whistleblowing, ii) the protection of whistleblowers and iii) the promotion of the human rights of whistleblowers, by advancing education on the whistleblowing phenomenon through research and sharing the information publicly.

Ultimately, the knowledge gained will inform public policy and help transform societal and organizational cultures where honest disclosures are supported, respected, valued, and rewarded, and misconduct and wrongdoing are appropriately addressed and sanctioned.

Parrhesia brings together under one roof, leading researchers, practitioners, and others from around the world, many of whom have been working in this area for years.  As Whistleblowing Canada continues its work to expand and enhance whistleblowing research and practice in Canada, this alliance and the sharing and exchange of knowledge and ideas it brings, will enrich that process.  It is also indicative of a growing international movement that acknowledges the importance of whistleblowing to maintaining honest organizations, our democratic institutions, and our democratic way of life.  Whistleblowing Canada enthusiastically joins in this endeavour.”

Find out more about Pamela Forward on the Whistleblowing Canada Research Society website