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Strengthening of Whistleblower Protection in Ukraine: Collaboration of FID, NACP and Parrhesia Inc.

Strengthening of Whistleblower Protection in Ukraine: Collaboration of Foundation for Institutional Development, The National Agency on Corruption Prevention & Parrhesia Inc.

The Ukrainian based non-profit organisation ‘Foundation for Institutional Development’, The Ukrainian National Agency on Corruption Prevention and UK based whistleblower charity ‘Parrhesia’ Inc have joined together in efforts to strengthen whistleblower protection through increasing mechanisms for support for whistleblowers, broadening the definition of whistleblower based on international standards and offering psychological support for whistleblowers during the ongoing conflict.

The Foundation for Institutional Development (FID) is a non-profit organisation that unites a field of experts in law, criminal justice and compliance was established to strengthen the Ukrainian state’s ability to fight the challenges of wartime, with a drive towards anti-corruption, accountability, and integrity.

The National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) is a central executive body which is responsible for the shaping and development of anti-corruption policy and the creation of an environment conducive of corruption prevention. It was established in March 2015 in accordance with the Law of Ukraine on Prevention of Corruption

Parrhesia Inc. is a UK based charity focused on the practice, protection, and promotion of the human rights of whistleblowers in the UK, comprised of its Board of Trustees who all have lived experience of whistleblowing, and an Academic Council to produce high level research for policymakers and companies to advance whistleblowing. 

The definition of ‘whistleblower’ as enshrined in Ukrainian legislation does not offer guarantees for the protection of persons who report misconduct outside of corruption related offences, such as ethics, environmental concerns, or harassment. Whistleblowing is prevalent in Ukraine, with 2477 applicants reporting criminal corruption offences in 2021 to the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP).  Since its foundation, the FID has launched two online training courses about whistleblowers, provided training to judges regarding the legal and social status of whistleblowers and after analysing the best practices of providing psychological assistance to whistleblowers internationally, have piloted a psychological assistance program to be implemented in Ukraine.

By analysing international standards of whistleblowing and offering psychological and legal support, Parrhesia is currently supporting the development to the Ukrainian national legislation to expand the concept and perception of a ‘whistleblower’ and will be conducting a collaborative study on the experience of Ukraine and European countries in protecting the rights of whistleblowers.

Oksana Bronevytska, Head of the Nonprofit Organization in Ukraine “Foundation for Institutional Development” stated:

The issue of protection of whistleblowers has been on the agenda in Ukraine not so long ago. It is important for us to collaborate with international organizations such as Parrhesia, which bring together academics and practitioners in the field of whistleblower rights protection and develop legislative and policy changes to improve the status of whistleblowers. It is also important for us to share experiences and develop best practices and recommendations from our partners and share our own experience in protecting the rights of whistleblowers in Ukraine.

Serhiy Derkach, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Regional and Territorial Development and Infrastructure of Ukraine stated:

“As the head of one of the departments of the NACP, I started systematic work on improving mechanisms for protecting the rights of whistleblowers in Ukraine. Unfortunately, today we only have the Law of Ukraine “On Corruption Prevention”, where several articles are devoted to whistleblowers. That is why our department has developed a number of clarifications, thanks to which it would be easier for law enforcement officers to process and understand who a whistleblower is, and why he/she needs protection. Along with this, we also conducted significant information campaigns to convey to the public the importance of whistleblowers in the fight against corruption. In order to better resolve the legal status and protection of whistleblowers, it is necessary for us to gain and share experience with colleagues from countries where the issue of whistleblowers is resolved more qualitatively. That is why we started working with the NGO Parrhesia. Thanks to Ian Foxley for his support and willingness to cooperate. This is especially important in light of the ongoing war in Ukraine and the President of Ukraine’s statements about zero tolerance for corruption”.

Founding Trustee and CEO of Parrhesia Inc. Ian Foxley stated:

“Parrhesia was delighted to respond when Serhiy Derkach, head of NACP Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Agency reached out to us for consultations and advice on how best to protect whistleblowers. We collectively believe that whistleblower protection is an essential element of building a nation that rests on fundamental values such as courage, integrity and accountability in both government and business. We have broadened our support to the newly formed Foundation for Institutional Development (FID) offering access to a wide network of expert advisors in the provision of therapeutic counselling to those suffering the trauma of whistleblowing. As President Zelensky made apparent in his most recent statement, this initiative one of his major efforts, founded on his belief that the fight against corruption is just as important as the battlefield one in order to rebuild Ukraine for the future.”

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