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Tracy Boylin

Tracy Boylin

Tracy is the award-winning CEO of Organisational and People Genetics, which is a specialist Consultancy, HR advice, and tech company that has a very specialist expertise in the Whistleblowing arena. Her tech allows Regulators and organisations to obtain the intelligence on what its like to work in the organisation and translates them into the risks posed to the organisation and wider society. Prior to setting up Organisational and People Genetics she worked as an HR Director for 30 years spanning the private, charity and public sectors, during which time she was commended by Ofsted for resolving the longest running strike in Educational History and won a National Training Award.

Her work not only comprises her innovative tech, but she works nationally with both NHS regulatory bodies and the Scottish Government on these issues. She was commissioned to help draft the national NHS Whistleblowing policy which she then went on to help organisations translate into their organisational policies and delivered key training for staff in those organisations responsible for ensuring how this was transferred into operational reality.

She has worked with the Scottish Government and has helped them set up the National Independent Whistleblowing Officer role and body and helped develop the appropriate standards they work to. Following public inquiries, she has set up the innovative Healing Process in Scotland to bring resolution for individuals and allow organisations to reset and move forward following the impact of such scandals.

Her work with the Royal College of Surgeons on removing bullying (often a factor in creating the silence and preventing individuals speaking up) led to her winning the She Inspires Award in 2020.

She conducted research with Middlesex University on whistleblowing practices of the top FTSE 100 companies which was published in 2018.

A commercial professional, she is also a Trustee of Parrhesia Institute, Chair of Turton High School and sixth form College, expert witness, mediator, and coach. Her training not only covers whistleblowing, but on how to address and remove bullying, how to make ethical decisions in not only the good times but in a crisis and early interventions for conflict resolution.

She has been named as one of the great leaders Healthcare should listen to by the author of the book and in the book “Brainy Neuroscience for Engaged People”.

She brings her commercial acumen to all aspects of her work and has strong communication, presentation and inter-personal skills. She assists SME’s with all HR advice, support and organisational development projects but also undertakes many cultural change projects for larger organisations and undertaken many national projects.