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Truth & Transcendence: Ian Foxley – Honour, Courage, Justice & Whistleblowing

Aired: 02 June 2022

Ian Foxley is a whistleblower, and the founder and CEO of the UK based whistleblowing think tank Parrhesia.

In a 24-Year career in the British Army, he commanded an arctic warfare radio troop, a parachute squadron and 3rd Division Headquarters and Signal Regiment in Bosnia-Herzegovina and worked in Counter Terrorism and the Ministry of Defence, Whitehall. And more.

His 15 years in commercial life culminated as Programme Director for GPT Limited, an Airbus Group subsidiary, in a £1.96 billion project to modernise defence communications for the Saudi Arabian National Guard. In 2010, he blew the whistle after discovering secret payments to ‘additional’ sub-contractors in the Cayman Islands. In 2021, GPT were fined £28M with £2.2M costs. The case resulted in criminal prosecutions, the complete overhaul of the Airbus Group Senior Management Team and the largest fine – £3.6B – ever imposed on a commercial company under a Deferred Prosecution Agreement.

He went on to co-found Whistleblowers UK in 2012, establish the whistleblowing programme at the Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime, and co-head significant national consultations.

He is a member of the British Standards Institute Standards Committee Panel on Whistleblowing Management Systems and a research panel advisory member for an ESRC research project on ‘Transforming whistleblower experiences’. He lectures internationally on whistleblowing and related topics, and appears on radio, webinars and TV.

I love Ian’s unapologetic and rambunctious stance that the truth will out and that this is the goal. A true hero of our times.

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