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Advancing Whistleblowing

Unveiling the Parrhesia Papers: A Central Hub for Whistleblowing Discourse, Discussion and Thought Leadership

In a world where transparency, accountability and ethical conduct are paramount, whistleblowing has become a pivotal tool for ensuring the integrity of various sectors and professions. With the launch of the Parrhesia Papers, we are proud to present a groundbreaking initiative that aims to serve as a central hub for discussions and thought leadership on whistleblowing. The Parrhesia Papers are not just a repository of knowledge; they are a symbol of courage, ethics, and the pursuit of truth.

Parrhesia, a term derived from ancient Greek philosophy, signifies speaking candidly or openly, especially when faced with opposition. The Parrhesia Papers embody this vision of fearless expression, fostering discussions on whistleblowing that cut across sectors, professions and academic disciplines. Drawing upon a wide range of expertise from academics, psychologists, lawyers, policy practitioners and whistleblowers themselves, this series will shed light on a variety of Parrhesia’s core research priorities and respond to the ever changing political climate of the United Kingdom, whilst shaping public discourse, influencing policies and fostering a culture that values and protects whistleblowers.

Our first paper comes from Board Member Professor David Lewis, titled ‘The Future of Whistleblowing Research: Five Key Themes and Questions’

“The Parrhesia Papers are a foundation stone in thought leadership from both the lived experience of the whistleblower and the depth and breadth of knowledge from the academic council”
Dr Ian Foxley, CEO and Founder of Parrhesia

“By providing accessible summaries of current research, applied to specific issues or contexts, the Parrhesia papers create a vehicle for the widest possible dissemination of research to those working in policy and practice.”
Professor John Blenkinsopp, Chair of Parrhesia’s Academic Council

If you would like to propose or produce a Parrhesia Paper, please contact: