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Brigid MacCarthy

Brigid MacCarthy

Dr Brigid MacCarthy is an organisational consultant and executive coach with experience of consulting to teams within health and social care services and coaching individuals from a range of corporate and public service settings in the UK and overseas.

She trained as an executive coach at Henley Business School and has completed the Professional Doctorate in Consultation at the Tavistock Centre in London. Her thesis was a study of whistleblowing and bystanding: – the systemic issues which shape workers’ reactions to wrong-doing within organizations, across a range of sectors. She has qualifications in Psychology and Philosophy (BA Hons), Clinical Psychology and in Social Anthropology (M.Sc Econ).

She is also a Clinical Psychologist and has extensive experience in managing and consulting to services meeting complex and severe mental health needs, in teaching and in research. She is particularly interested in strategy and service innovation and in the provision of mental health services for diverse communities. She has considerable experience of working clinically with traumatised individuals including refugees who are victims of organised and state-endorsed violence.

Relevant organizational experience.

  • Consulting to a day care service required to develop an outreach aspect to their programme
  • Facilitating the resolution of conflict within a service-user led social enterprise in East Africa
  • Designing and delivering a process of reflection about the impact of contrasting values in an international development project
  • Consulting to teams of health visitors to develop their management of workflow under pressure of limited resources.
  • Facilitating reflection spaces for groups of trainee midwives to support retention and active system change
  • Coaching middle and senior managers to realise their capacity to take up authority in role.
  • Leading the systematic growth of the psychological workforce in East London, establishing good governance systems and creating innovative services .
  • As chair of a medium sized charity, she restored the organisation to financial probity and clarified and restored its focus on its primary purpose
  • Conducted substantial quantitative and qualitative research particularly in service evaluation and cultural difference.