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Launch of the Parrhesia Tapes

Our ethos is to bring the whistleblowing community together to advance whistleblowing, acting as a hub for expert researchers, whistleblowers, NGOs and a range of stakeholders can share their knowledge and offer practical advice on whistleblower protection.

We are proud to share the release of our ‘Parrhesia Tapes’, a podcast series which amplifies the voices of whistleblowers, and the work that needs to be done across a wide range of sectors and institutions. Our first podcast ‘Whistleblowing and Institutionalised Corruption’ uncovers our CEO Ian Foxley’s experience of whistleblowing, his 13 year long battle for justice and his drive to set up Parrhesia.

He is joined by the Chair of the Academic Council Professor John Blenkinsopp, who offers wide ranging, insightful examples of whistleblowing and corruption from a range of sectors and institutions, ranging from high stakes cases of organisations funding the Japanese mafia, to a ‘toilet paper smuggling ring’ in a local police headquarters.

“I am delighted to co-host the Parrhesia Papers. Whistleblowers are the conscience of society and their stories show that a better world is possible”

Martin Bright, Co-Host

“These case studies demonstrate how engrained the concept of Parrhesia is and always has been in society and the need for further support for whistleblowers – I’m really excited to be co-hosting this series and for the extraordinary individuals we’ll speak to throughout the series”

Natasha Lovel, Co-Host