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Tom Devine

Tom Devine is Government Accountability Project’s Legal Director, and has worked at the organization since 1979.

Since that time, Tom has formally or informally assisted over 7,000 whistleblowers in defending themselves against retaliation and in making real differences on behalf of the public – such as shuttering accident-prone nuclear power plants, rebuffing industry ploys to deregulate government meat inspection, blocking the next generation of the bloated and porous “Star Wars” missile defense systems, instituting a national commercial milk testing program for illegal animal drugs; and sparking the withdrawal of dangerous prescription drugs such as Vioxx.

He has not lost a case since 2006, and has prevailed in advocacy at numerous U.S. courts of appeals as well as the Supreme Court.

Government Accountability Project is delighted to be working alongside Parrhesia. Founded in 1977, Government Accountability Project is the leading whistleblower protection organization in the U.S. Since the mid-1990s, through our international whistleblower rights work, our team has drafted whistleblower policies for international organizations including the World Bank, the Organization of American States, and the United Nations, hosted hundreds of international delegations and participated in U.S. State Department speaking tours, and provided expert assessments on countries’ whistleblower laws. We have also published reports on international whistleblower rights issues and supported international scholarships on whistleblowing and accountability. Our 20 best practices for whistleblower legislation is internationally recognized as a leading international standard.

We look forward to providing input on Parrhesia’s policy advocacy and research. International coordination among the leading experts and whistleblower protection groups will help foster informed, evidence-based policy decisions in the UK.

Find out more about Tom Devine on the Government Accountability Project website